Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adventures in a Hotel - Part 1

She arrived in the afternoon with instructions from the concierge to please put what was in the orange box on and meet him in the hotel bar at 7pm for dinner. Her heart skipped a beat as she took the smooth orange box, knowing full well that its contents would not only be part of her accessories for the evening but a part of their fun for the night. By the time the elevator ding-ed to their floor, she was wet just thinking about it and glad that she had some time before 7 to get ready for dinner.

As she unpacked her suitcase, she picked up each piece of lingerie, each stocking, each piece of clothing that she had packed to wear for him, pleased with her choices and knowing that tomorrow she would be adding more. She opened the closet to see his shirts lined up and a shiver went up her spine as she thought about unbuttoning each of them over the next few days for him. Her hand went instinctively, between her legs where she was dieing for some attention.

She stripped out of the black dress and heels that she had worn on the flight and pulled her thong away from between her legs so that she could lie down on the bed in her stockings and bra.

She thought of him and the weekend ahead as her fingers slid slowly over her clit, searching for the rhythm that would make her come this time in advance of their dinner. She slid some fingers inside herself, knowing that in a few hours he would be inside her. With that thought, her muscles clentched her fingers and she was breathless, moving her fingers over her clit and inside of her, and thinking about him inside of her and she rolled over to muffle a scream of delight. She lay there for a minute, her hand still there, imagining it was his, gently exploring inside her and pulling out slowly, covered in her juices. She was happy and excited to share this with him.

She lay on the bed looking at the hotel room, knowing that the next few days would be spent pleasuring each other. They had a wonderful view of the city that they would pretend to care about, both reporting that they had loved it, knowing full well that they had spent little time in it and more time in the hotel room exploring each other.

She hopped in the shower and thought excitedly about what she would wear to dinner. Clothing had become so important in their relationship and he noticed every detail. She selected a white French Cuff Shirt, a black pencil skirt and blazer and her starburst cufflinks.

She pulled her nude bustier over her breasts and her nipples were hard against the thought of being enclosed in such restraint. Slowly doing up every hook and eye in the back, knowing that he would be the next one to undo them and touch her skin. The nude garter was plain but was perfect for the nude stockings that she was wearing with their delicate black seam going up the back. She closed each one around the stocking and felt the sacred space between stockings and garter that was so soft, so erogenous, that she loved. She ignored the fact that she was wet again and would save that for him to discover.

She had forgotten about the orange box, until she went to put on her blazer and realized that something was missing. The scarf that was a gift from him, was beautiful. Its silk felt wonderful against her skin as she tied an ascot around her neck. She knew full well that the next time it would be felt, would be when she took him in her mouth. She could not wait.

She made the room ready for their return from dinner, turning on the bedside lights, putting some needed accessories in the bed side table, pulling out the videos that she had brought with her, folding and putting another scarf by the bed. She wanted to spoil him tonight.

She slipped her stocking feet into her black patent red soled wonders, they were his favourites, and made her way to the bar. Taking her seat at the bar, she waited for him to meet her.

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