Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Exposed flesh to air
A burning desire for touch
Teased by your gaze

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Potential - haiku

Package unopened
Perfect silk stockings inside
So much potential

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Desperate to be free
Nipples hard against my bra
Waiting for your lips

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adventures in a Hotel - Part 1

She arrived in the afternoon with instructions from the concierge to please put what was in the orange box on and meet him in the hotel bar at 7pm for dinner. Her heart skipped a beat as she took the smooth orange box, knowing full well that its contents would not only be part of her accessories for the evening but a part of their fun for the night. By the time the elevator ding-ed to their floor, she was wet just thinking about it and glad that she had some time before 7 to get ready for dinner.

As she unpacked her suitcase, she picked up each piece of lingerie, each stocking, each piece of clothing that she had packed to wear for him, pleased with her choices and knowing that tomorrow she would be adding more. She opened the closet to see his shirts lined up and a shiver went up her spine as she thought about unbuttoning each of them over the next few days for him. Her hand went instinctively, between her legs where she was dieing for some attention.

She stripped out of the black dress and heels that she had worn on the flight and pulled her thong away from between her legs so that she could lie down on the bed in her stockings and bra.

She thought of him and the weekend ahead as her fingers slid slowly over her clit, searching for the rhythm that would make her come this time in advance of their dinner. She slid some fingers inside herself, knowing that in a few hours he would be inside her. With that thought, her muscles clentched her fingers and she was breathless, moving her fingers over her clit and inside of her, and thinking about him inside of her and she rolled over to muffle a scream of delight. She lay there for a minute, her hand still there, imagining it was his, gently exploring inside her and pulling out slowly, covered in her juices. She was happy and excited to share this with him.

She lay on the bed looking at the hotel room, knowing that the next few days would be spent pleasuring each other. They had a wonderful view of the city that they would pretend to care about, both reporting that they had loved it, knowing full well that they had spent little time in it and more time in the hotel room exploring each other.

She hopped in the shower and thought excitedly about what she would wear to dinner. Clothing had become so important in their relationship and he noticed every detail. She selected a white French Cuff Shirt, a black pencil skirt and blazer and her starburst cufflinks.

She pulled her nude bustier over her breasts and her nipples were hard against the thought of being enclosed in such restraint. Slowly doing up every hook and eye in the back, knowing that he would be the next one to undo them and touch her skin. The nude garter was plain but was perfect for the nude stockings that she was wearing with their delicate black seam going up the back. She closed each one around the stocking and felt the sacred space between stockings and garter that was so soft, so erogenous, that she loved. She ignored the fact that she was wet again and would save that for him to discover.

She had forgotten about the orange box, until she went to put on her blazer and realized that something was missing. The scarf that was a gift from him, was beautiful. Its silk felt wonderful against her skin as she tied an ascot around her neck. She knew full well that the next time it would be felt, would be when she took him in her mouth. She could not wait.

She made the room ready for their return from dinner, turning on the bedside lights, putting some needed accessories in the bed side table, pulling out the videos that she had brought with her, folding and putting another scarf by the bed. She wanted to spoil him tonight.

She slipped her stocking feet into her black patent red soled wonders, they were his favourites, and made her way to the bar. Taking her seat at the bar, she waited for him to meet her.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Imagining him
Touching, suckling, licking all
Sensual pleasure

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Morning haiku

Thought of your kisses
Crisp air on my warm breasts
Yearning for your touch

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Friday, April 2, 2010

For the love of Stockings

I love stockings. I love boys who love stockings. Some of the best stockings come from a company called Secretsinlace.com, this is one of their promo video from youtube. Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Morning Sex Haiku

Touch of her hands

Stirs him from slumber and dream

Keeping eyes closed

Gentle touch excites

Where will her hands go next


Morning Sex

Apparently, from all that I have read, women are not supposed to like morning sex. I personally find it one of the most intimate times of the day, when I wake up excited and ready for slow, passionate "love making" or just a quickie before the day.

Of course the best days are on the weekend followed by brunch and a nap. I like being woken up by a boy and spending the first hours or minutes of the day in bed together. I also have come to realize that I really like waking up a boy and initiating sex.

Prep is key for morning sex:
  • set the alarm clock a early, or at least your internal clock

  • make sure you have lube and condoms close by

  • breath mints (I personally make sure to brush my teeth when i usually get up to use the washroom at around 3 in the morning)

I thought that this AskMen.com article about Morning Sex that came across my e-mail was a great resource for boys. Basic and straight forward.

Given my experience, every boy wakes up ready or nearly ready and needs just a bit of encouragement. For me, stroke my breasts, let your hands wander and we are good to go......

mmmmm......morning sex........happiness.............

Monday, March 29, 2010

"Dressing for Dinner" Haiku

going for dinner
she has thought of this all day
her outfit planned

wraps her black garter
tight against her bare hot skin
garters hang loosely

they graze her warm slit
she will not wear underwear
wants to be ready

her nipples are hard
as the black lace touches them
they ache for his lips

cool air on her legs
reminds her that she not done
dressing for him yet

she chose her stockings
knowing that he would love them
touching both their skins

pulls them on slowly
knowing he will take them off
silky on her skin

runs her hands up them
feeling the seem in back
every inch excites her

attaches garters
one, two, three, four, five, six... next
touching her bare skin

wishing for more time
fingers feel between her legs
ready for him now

she slips on her skirt
slit coming to her bare skin
top of her nylons

she buttons up shirt
against her breasts
folding the cuffs back

borrowed his cuff links
she inserts them one by one
they still smell of him

she looks at her shoes
points her toes and slips in
red soles gleaming

finally ready
she hopes they have dim lights
and long table clothes

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Boardroom Chapter 1


They had not spoken the night before as they were both busy with projects and had spent the evenings working late into the night with their teams. She had called in the morning to wish him luck on his “big presentation” from the office, only to find she was not the only one who did not get any sleep that night.

She dressed for her meeting knowing that she had to impress the men in the room. Being the sole woman in these negotiations had its advantages if you knew how to capitalize on them and she was aware of her power. With the meeting at 11, she decided that she would just go across the street and buy an outfit for the day rather than go home and change. The time was needed to prep and the thought of new clothes against her tired skin was refreshing.

She took half an hour and headed to Neiman’s where they knew her and would be helpful in finding the perfect suit to accent her curves and boost her confidence after a sleepless night. She found a gorgeous black pencil skirt and blazer that fit her perfectly, as it accentuated her breasts and with a skirt that hit above her knee. Just sexy enough to keep them intrigued, but professional enough so that they knew who was in charge. She bought new white lace lingerie that only she would know their beauty under her new white shirt until she got home to him. As she changed into her new outfit in the change room, she was aware at how long it had been since they had slept together. Her breast ached for his touch when she stretched the white lace bra over them and slowly did up the buttons to her new shirt. They had both been working too hard. She was aware as she pulled on her stockings that she wished that he was doing it for her, like he used to in the mornings. Life had taken over, and who had time for such luxuries anymore?

As she was about to leave she knew that she deserved a treat and stopped at the Hermes counter. She also wanted to spoil him. Had he had the chance to change yet? She usually would have sent him clothes to the office when he had worked through the night, but she had not been home yet. She chose a new fuscia, gold and orange scarf and tied it around her neck, seeing that the color helped to deter from the fact that she hadn’t slept. The tucked the ends into her shirt and felt the ends graze her nipples through her bra, shivers ran through her body. As she went to pay she noticed a matching pocket square for him and thought that it would be a wonderful gift to have sent to his office this morning to cheer him up.

At her office, she found her special cufflinks that he had given her, her “good luck” cufflinks, in the top drawer of her desk. She slowly inserted them into the cuffs of her shirt, wishing that it was his shirt that she was touching. She had found the intimacy of helping him dress one of the strongest aphrodisiacs they had. Tying his tie, folding his pocket square with his help, but inserting his cufflinks was the “piece de resistance”. Was it the sexuality of the act that made her so turned on?

The team assembled and headed to the boardroom. The other men in the group could not take their eyes off of her as they walked down the hall, her red soles tapping the marble floor of the foyer, her stocking covered legs rubbing together as she walked. Could they here the intimate sound her thighs made as they touched each other? He claimed he could, could they?

She took a deep breath, adjusted the scarf around her neck, forgetting that moving it would send shivers down her spine as it grazed her nipples. She was ready for what lay behind the door to the boardroom or so she thought....

The Sexy WASP

Welcome to my little blog. I am not sure what I am hoping will come of this, but I have found that I recently I have been writing more erotica, reading more books on sex, trying to expand my sexual knowledge and generally be better in bed. Both for myself and for my lovers/future lovers.

I hope that this blog will be an honest account of a single waspy girl in her 30's trying to be more adventuresome both in and out of the bedroom. To do that I'll try to share a number of the things:
  • some of the erotica that I have been writing
  • my thoughts on some lingerie that I love and have bought recently
  • reviews of not only erotica books, but also instructional books on sex that I have bought recently and been reading
  • some erotic pictures that I have been taking
  • a number of the erotic haikus and poems that I write
  • links to some great resources, not only for sex toys, but for lingerie, instruction, great sex shops ect
  • reviews of some sex toys that I buy and use
  • reviews of sex shops/lingerie shops in my city and cities I visit

Welcome and thanks for stopping by,

The Sexy WASP