Monday, March 29, 2010

"Dressing for Dinner" Haiku

going for dinner
she has thought of this all day
her outfit planned

wraps her black garter
tight against her bare hot skin
garters hang loosely

they graze her warm slit
she will not wear underwear
wants to be ready

her nipples are hard
as the black lace touches them
they ache for his lips

cool air on her legs
reminds her that she not done
dressing for him yet

she chose her stockings
knowing that he would love them
touching both their skins

pulls them on slowly
knowing he will take them off
silky on her skin

runs her hands up them
feeling the seem in back
every inch excites her

attaches garters
one, two, three, four, five, six... next
touching her bare skin

wishing for more time
fingers feel between her legs
ready for him now

she slips on her skirt
slit coming to her bare skin
top of her nylons

she buttons up shirt
against her breasts
folding the cuffs back

borrowed his cuff links
she inserts them one by one
they still smell of him

she looks at her shoes
points her toes and slips in
red soles gleaming

finally ready
she hopes they have dim lights
and long table clothes

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