Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Morning Sex

Apparently, from all that I have read, women are not supposed to like morning sex. I personally find it one of the most intimate times of the day, when I wake up excited and ready for slow, passionate "love making" or just a quickie before the day.

Of course the best days are on the weekend followed by brunch and a nap. I like being woken up by a boy and spending the first hours or minutes of the day in bed together. I also have come to realize that I really like waking up a boy and initiating sex.

Prep is key for morning sex:
  • set the alarm clock a early, or at least your internal clock

  • make sure you have lube and condoms close by

  • breath mints (I personally make sure to brush my teeth when i usually get up to use the washroom at around 3 in the morning)

I thought that this article about Morning Sex that came across my e-mail was a great resource for boys. Basic and straight forward.

Given my experience, every boy wakes up ready or nearly ready and needs just a bit of encouragement. For me, stroke my breasts, let your hands wander and we are good to go......

mmmmm......morning sex........happiness.............

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