Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Sexy WASP

Welcome to my little blog. I am not sure what I am hoping will come of this, but I have found that I recently I have been writing more erotica, reading more books on sex, trying to expand my sexual knowledge and generally be better in bed. Both for myself and for my lovers/future lovers.

I hope that this blog will be an honest account of a single waspy girl in her 30's trying to be more adventuresome both in and out of the bedroom. To do that I'll try to share a number of the things:
  • some of the erotica that I have been writing
  • my thoughts on some lingerie that I love and have bought recently
  • reviews of not only erotica books, but also instructional books on sex that I have bought recently and been reading
  • some erotic pictures that I have been taking
  • a number of the erotic haikus and poems that I write
  • links to some great resources, not only for sex toys, but for lingerie, instruction, great sex shops ect
  • reviews of some sex toys that I buy and use
  • reviews of sex shops/lingerie shops in my city and cities I visit

Welcome and thanks for stopping by,

The Sexy WASP

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